Complete engineering & qutotation service 
Exclusive services for contractors to build worry-free

Experts in renovation centers since 1979

Complete engineering services, worry-free building for contractors

  • Analysis of static and dynamic loads for floors and roofs

  • Calculations for beams and columns of engineered wood (SPF spruce), laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and laminated strand lumber (LSL)

  • Calculations for steel beams and columns

  • Design of engineered wood erection plans for floors and roofs

  • Training available for a wide range of products

  • Advice concerning construction methods, new standards and selecting materials

  • Recommendations for innovative solutions that will allow clients to lower their construction costs without compromising on exceptional quality

  • Site visits for new construction projects or renovations in order to answer questions from contractors

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Estimation service

  • Accurate calculations thanks to technologically advanced equipment

  • Accurate and detailed quotes

  • Fast service



You also have the option of opening an account for your major projects or recurring purchases. The credit limit is determined based on your projects. Some of the advantages of opening an account are listed below:

  • Possibility of having your contractor and/or authorized workers make purchases for you Beneficial monthly payments help you to avoid bank charges related to multiple transactions

  • Secure transactions

  • Possibility of discounts on volume purchases

  • Ability to pay your account online




  • Delivery service available Monday to Saturday.

  • Fleet of fifty vehicles

  • On-time delivery. It's always the right time with Matériaux Pont-Masson

  • Boom trucks (up to 91 feet)

  • Specialized teams for delivery of certain materials (e.g.: drywall, doors and windows and interior finishing)


Exclusive order office for contractors and owner-builders

  • Fast service from 6:00 a.m.

  • Team of experts who understand the realities of construction sites


Inventory and special orders

We carry a large inventory of construction materials, and we supply the following:

  • Floor trusses (I-joist floor trusses, and open wood or metal joists)

  • Roof trusses

  • Prefabricated walls

  • Engineered wood

  • Structural lumber

  • Finish lumber

  • Treated wood (regular or brown)

  • Wood composite

  • Doors and windows

  • Exterior siding

  • Roof shingles

  • Interior systems suppliers

You don’t think we have the product that you need in stock? Our inventory is adapted to the needs of our clients, and we have team that is dedicated to filling special orders. 

Structure du Nord 

Trusses Manufacturer

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